GURPS 4 House Rules

My changes to GURPS 4th edition


Few gamemasters run a roleplaying game without house rules and GURPS encourages this. The house rules below follow my thoughts about how reality can be better modelled without large amounts of book keeping. Changes or additions are underlined. Until another GM ends his campaign, these have yet to be put into practice. Watch this space.

GURPS Fourth Edition: Basic Set Characters

Ref Name Official
  Section 1 - Character Creation  
HR1.1 Attributes and Characteristics B14
HR1.2 People Affected B27
HR1.3 Frequency of Recognition B27
HR1.4 Racial Templates B451
HR1.5 Optional Rule: Trait Importance  
  Section 2 - Advantages  
HR2.1 360° Vision B34
HR2.2 Appearance B21
HR2.3 Charisma B44
HR2.4 Contact Groups B44
HR2.5 Contacts B44
HR2.6 Cultural Intuition  
HR2.7 Direct Line  
HR2.8 Fashion Sense B21
HR2.9 High Manual Dexterity B59
HR2.10 High TL Expat  
HR2.11 HUD Training  
HR2.12 Invisibility B63
HR2.13 Mind Control B69
HR2.14 Preferred Supplier  
HR2.15 Reputation B26
HR2.16 Signature Gear B85
HR2.17 Social Regard B86
HR2.18 Special Dealer  
HR2.19 Talent B89
HR2.20 Voice B97
HR2.21 Wealth B25
HR2.22 Illusion P94
  Section 3 - Disadvantages  
HR3.1 Bad Smell B124
HR3.2 Bully B125
HR3.3 Callous B125
HR3.4 Clueless B126
HR3.5 Discplines of Faith (Mysticism) B132
HR3.6 Foreign Culture Tolerance  
HR3.7 Ham-Fisted B138
HR3.8 No Sense of Humour B146
HR3.9 No Sense of Smell/Taste B146
HR3.10 Oblivious B146
HR3.11 Odious Personal Habit B22
HR3.12 Sadism B152
HR3.13 Shyness B154
HR3.14 Social Disease B155
HR3.15 Social Stigma B155
HR3.16 Stubborness B157
HR3.17 Stuttering B157
HR3.18 Supernatural Features B157
  Section 4 - Modifiers  
HR4.1 Mitigator B112
  Section 5 - Perks  
HR5.1 Shield-Wall Lockstep  
  Section 6 - Quirks  
  Section 7 - Skills  
HR7.1 Reaction Modifiers B494
HR7.2 Tech-Level Modifiers B168
HR7.3 Optional Rule: Skill Amalgamations  
HR7.4 Charisma Based Skills
HR7.5 Autohypnosis B176
HR7.6 Beam Weapons B179
HR7.7 Computer Programming B184
HR7.8 Dancing B187
HR7.9 Diplomacy B187
HR7.10 Forgery B196
HR7.11 Guns B198
HR7.12 Literature B205
HR7.13 Lockpicking B206
HR7.14 Meditation B207
HR7.15 Performance B212
HR7.16 Piloting B214
HR7.17 Public Speaking B216
HR7.18 Tactics B224
HR7.19 Traps B226
  Section 8 - Techniques  
HR8.1 Auto Detect (Sense)  
HR8.2 Bluff Old Job  
HR8.3 Diagnosis (Species)  
HR8.4 First Aid (Species)  
HR8.5 Instant Computer Crash  
HR8.6 Makeshift Repairs (Speciality)  
HR8.7 Makeup Mirror Observation  
HR8.8 Physician (Species)  
HR8.9 Resist Crediline  
HR8.10 Stand-out  
HR8.11 Surgery (Species)  
HR8.12 Touch Raw Nerve  
HR8.13 Trip Fire Alarm  
  Section 9 - Skill Rolls  
HR9.1 Reaction Rolls  
HR9.2 Influence Rolls B359
HR9.3 Assess Rolls  
  Section 10 - Combat  
HR10.1 Maneuvers B363
HR10.2 Defending B374
HR10.3 Extra Effort B356
HR10.4 Cover B407
HR10.5 Mortal Wounds B423
  Technology and Artifacts  
HR11.1 New Inventions B473
HR11.2 Passive Visual Sensors Configurations UT60