GURPS 4 House Rules
Section 2 - Advantages

HR2.1 360° Vision - B34

Special Limitations

Poor Rear Vision: You can see the front 180° arc as normal but vision in the back arc is poor or difficult to interpret. All rearward Vision rolls suffer -1/level. The bonus to detect Shadowing is reduced 1 per 2 levels (round up). -10%/level.

HR2.2 Appearance - B21

Two new Appearance levels, Very Ugly and Very Attractive, exist to fill the gap in cost progression. The full list of Appearance levels is shown below.

Appearance Modifier Cost
Horrific -6 -60
Monstrous -5 -50
Hideous -4 -40
Very Ugly -3 -30
Ugly -2 -20
Unattractive -1 -10
Attractive +1 +10
Very Attractive +2 +20
Handsome (or Beautiful) +3 +30
Very Handsome (or Very Beautiful) +4 +40
Transcendent +5 +50

HR2.3 Charisma - B44

The Charisma advantage is eliminated in favour of the Charisma attribute.

HR2.4 Contact Groups - B44

This is eliminated in favour of expanded Contact rules.

HR2.5 Contacts - B44

A Contact can be a network of associates instead of just one and can provide access to databases, equipment, bureacratic functions etc. as well as just a skill. The power and cost of a Contact is based on the depth and scope of information and favours he can use to assist you, his area of influence, the level of authority he can use and what he gets out of the request as well as his reliability as a person.


The list of functions a Contact can provide must be stated but need not be finalized or exact at character creation. However, any powers claimed later during gameplay must be consistent with the Contact's job and description. For example, the GM may agree that a policeman described with access to criminal records, case histories, car registrations and local, legal enforcement powers also has access to gun registrations and stolen vehicle tracking equipment but can't recover deleted computer files nor audit a company's accounts as the description does not imply specialised, forensic techniques nor roughshod legal powers. These powers are abstracted as a skill level. Its scope determines the Contact's base cost:

If the GM deems the type of Contact as particularly broad, useful or powerful in the campaign, such as the local police in a murder mystery campaign, the navy in a martial space opera or simply the FBI, he may designate it as important and double its cost.

The cost modified by the effective skill level. This reflects the Contact's connections, equipment, other skills, Status etc. it need not be any actual skill level. A skill level of 12 or 15 is usually sufficient for simple requests or favours but the GM may apply a modifier during gameplay for obsfucated or opposed cases. For example, a -4 penalty might apply if the real car owner registers with front companies, a hostile admiral is clamping down on leaks or the subject's social status provides some protection.

Skill Level Multiplier
12 x1
15 x2
18 x3
21 x4

Increase these multipliers by 1 for Contacts who obtain information via supernatural talents.

Area of Influence

Reduce the Contact cost in proportion to size of the areas in which the Contact can effectively help you compared to the campaign world. This ratio is determined by the importance of areas to the campaign, not physical sizes. For example, a Contact limited to a single city is not cheaper if the campaign is only based within it whereas a limitation to Earth that is only visited one-tenth of the time in a galaxy-spanning space opera reduces the cost to one-tenth. The GM may supply multipliers for specific areas of the campaign, otherwise use the terms below. The size of an area depends on the speed of travel, telecommunications and postal services and pervasiveness of branch offices. For example, an occult researcher who can analyze magical devices counts as limited to a Minor Area if mail and travel between cities takes a week. However, a bureaucrat on the other side of the world who can pull strings in your location by telephoning his counterparts is effectively Everywhere.

Alternatively, in a campaign with perpetual travel to new places, whether your Contact has influence is determined randomly during gameplay for your character's current location. This differs from Frequency of Appearance (see below) as re-rolls are only allowed by moving to a completely different location, rather than waiting for the next day. If a Contact can't help you in one location but can in the next, returning to the first means you lose your Contact's help. Select a frequency as explained in Frequency of Recognition (HR1.3) and apply its multiplier but don't round down yet.

Frequency of Appearance

If the Frequency of Appearance roll is successful for that day and his Frequency of Use level (see below) permits multiple requests in a day, he can always be contacted for the rest of the day.

Frequency of Use

Most Contacts can only divert limited time and resources to your requests, no matter how much you suddenly need them, and this limits how frequently you can make requests. However, if a request requires less Authority (see below) than the Contact possesses, he can more easily call upon his own helpers. For every of level of Authority not needed by the Contact to fulfill a request, improve the Frequency of Use level, up to Repeated Use -2. For example, a Contact with Full Authority and Monthly Frequency of Use can fulfil Confidential requests once a month, Open Secret requests once a week and Public Info requests once a day. If a Frequency of Use is not stated, it is assumed to be Repeated Use -2.


Not all Contacts can access secret information or have much authority they can use and abuse regardless of their skill level. There are four levels of Authority for information and favours and the highest level the Contact can muster multiplies his point cost. If an Authority is not stated, it is assumed to be Confidential.


This section is unchanged except the description of a hostile act, such as lying or notifying the enemy, may be merely a gross error or bumbling that hurts your plans.


Contacts associate with you for various reasons. Trade multiplies the Contact's point cost. If no Trade is specified, it is assumed to be Friend.

Final Cost

After all multipliers are applied, round up; minimum cost is 1.

Money Talks

For each request, bribery, expenses or equivalent favours can improve results and this is measured in terms of points. The cost of these points is equal to the Contact's income for a period of time.

Points can achieve various combinations of the following improvements.

Improvements must make sense in terms of the Contact's description. For example, a local beat cop Contact with Full Authority can be bribed to take the flak for diverting the president's motorcade in his area but he doesn't receive 'reliable tip-offs' about corporate accountancy fraud.

Travelling with the PCs

As Contacts are NPCs, they may be persuaded to travel with the PCs for a price, acting as advisors, contractors or field agents. This is at the GM's discretion as they have their own lives, values and reputations. They will only travel for a specific purpose and only come equipped for that, not a fight. You do not need to roll for Frequency of Appearance whilst they're travelling with you but your use of them is still limited by their Frequency of Use (but Money Talks, see above). They may run off if trouble starts or the mission takes too long. More reliable friends should be created as Allies (B36) instead.

As a rule of thumb, this should only be allowed for a few days for Contacts with Frequency of Appearance Quite Often (12 or less) or a few weeks with Frequency of Appearance Almost all the Time (15 or less). Contacts should cost 3 times their normal income, further doubled for hazardous work, and go home once the task is complete.

Examples of Contacts

Academic Consultants: Due to past benevolance, an entire university will give you academic advice via email. Contact (Geneva University - Academic Consultants 18; Institution; Everywhere; Fairly Often (9 or less); Public Info; Usually Reliable) [30]

BBC News Editor: The editor knows the kind of scandalous news you drag out and can get a report inserted into the BBC News At Six or BBC World Service. Direct Line (Craig Oliver - BBC News Editor 15; Single Function(News Reporting); Everywhere; Almost all the time (15 or less); Daily; Full Authority; Usually Reliable) [3]

Black Market Doctor: An unusually competant, unlicensed doctor that can patch up gunshot wounds or supply restricted medicines without alerting the police. Black market prices are expensive though. This assumes the campaign only takes place in a city. Preferred Supplier (Dr. Nick Riviera - Black Market Doctor 15; Department; Everywhere; Almost all the time (15 or less); Minor Authority; Usually Reliable) [8]

Black Market Employment Agency: Someone who knows your talents and might be able to arrange a risky, illegal but paying job. Jobs that attract less police attention are more frequent but pay less. Preferred Supplier (Yan Feldman - Black Market Employment Agency 15; Single Function; Everywhere; Almost all the time (15 or less); Weekly; Full Authority; Usually Reliable) [2]

Cash Loan: Need money fast on easy terms? Call your friend, Logan Barclay. For each successful request, he'll loan a month's typical salary (B517) on trust. Contact (Logan Barclay - Cash Loan 15; Single Function; Everywhere; Almost all the time (15 or less); Minor Authority; Somewhat Reliable) [3]

Computer Hacker: A super-genius who can hack into any computer network connected to the Internet, whether corporate, government or military, download a file and disconnect before anyone notices. He can't hack isolated computers. This is suitable for cinematic action or superhero campaigns.Contact (Kevin Mitnick - Computer Hacker 21; Single Function; Everywhere; Almost all the time (15 or less); Top Secret; Somewhat Reliable) [24]

Corrupt Cops: A working relationship with corrupt, local policemen throughout the city. They can alter evidence, reveal the address of witnesses, arrest someone etc. but only for a good price. This is suitable for criminals. Special Dealer (Corrupt Cops 15; Department; Everywhere; Fairly Often (9 or less); Full Authority; Somewhat Reliable) [5]

Cryptographer: A college friend who became a professional cryptographer and can crack most encrypted messages with time. He's a genius with lots of computers but breaking even commercial grade cryptography is really hard. Contact (John Tiltman - Cryptography 21; Single Function; Everywhere; Fairly Often (9 or less); Weekly; Confidential; Completely Reliable) [6]

FBI: Friends in a national police force with more powers and resources than found in local forces. This is suitable for modern campaigns based in the US. Contact (FBI 18; Important Department; Everywhere; Quite Often (9 or less); Monthly; Full Authority; Somewhat Reliable) [10]

Forensic Lab: Friends in a properly funded, forensics lab, including ballistic matching, trace analysis, computer file recovery, VIN registration and DNA databases. Make sure you have a good camera, lots of evidence bags and an account with a motorcycle courier service. Contact (Forensic Lab 15; Department; Everywhere; Quite Often (12 or less); Open Secret; Somewhat Reliable) [10]

High Society Gatecrasher: If you need access to a New York VIP, Francisco can get you an invite to a party, charity function or gallery viewing he's attending. Put on your Sunday best, your best manners and the rest is up to you. This is suitable for modern campaigns based in the US. Contact (Francisco D'Anconia - High Society Gatecrasher 12; Single Function; Prominent Area (New York); Quite Often (12 or less); Full Authority; Usually Reliable) [2]

Forger: A good, local forger. Discretion guaranteed. Preferred Supplier (Moses Shapira - Forgeries 15; Single Function; Everywhere; Almost all the Time (15 or less); Full Authority; Usually Reliable) [3]

High Society Gossip Network: A 'phone list of socialites who share rumours about the rich and powerful. It's usually possible to filter what has some basis in fact and is actually worth pursuing. This is suitable for modern campaigns based in the US. Contact (High Society Gossip Network 12; Single Function; Dominant Area (US); Almost all the time (15 or less); Public Info; Somewhat Reliable) [1]

Imperial Navy Captains: Old friends in the Imperial Navy who'll bend regulations, send military assistance or put in a good word with local authorities if they're in the area. If they're not available, hide till one of their patrols is nearby. This is suitable for space operas.Contact (Imperial Navy Captains 12; Department; Dominant Area (Imperial and bordering territory); Fairly Often (9 or less); Full Authority; Usually Reliable) [8]

Info Broker: A major company of researchers and investigators who can find various, supposedly unobtainable information, such as owner of a credit card, employment histories, criminal records, building plans, political gossip etc. This can already be bought on the open market but the Contact finds it highly profitable to sell tales of your exploits and offers you special services not available to others, such as revealing enemies who are researching you, granting exclusive access or revealing protected witnesses. This is suitable for already famous adventurers.Special Dealer (Barland Information & Research Service - Info Broker 12; Department; Everywhere; Almost all the time (15 or less); Open Secret; Usually Reliable) [15]

King's Advisor: A member of the king's inner circle who is privy to national secrets and the king himself but merely regards you as a useful resource. You have to make a deal, such as do his dirty work. This is suitable for medieval campaigns with much travelling.Direct Line (Thomas More - King's Advisor 15; Department; Minor Area (Capital City); Fairly Often (9 or less); Top Secret; Usually Reliable) [2]

Local Judiciary: A network of sympathetic ex-colleagues throughout local police force, prosecutors, judges and prison officers in a single city. They can access criminal records, identify fingerprints, arrest someone, change a plea bargain, reduce a sentence or grant access to an incarcerated crime lord etc. This is suitable for modern campaigns and assumes frequent travel from the city.Contact (Local Judiciary 15; Institution; Quite Often (12 or less); Prominent Area; Minor Authority; Somewhat Reliable) [16]

Master of Disguise: A world class costume, makeup and prosthetic artist, who doesn't bother advertising, right in your home city. Preferred Supplier (Disguises and Makeup 18; Dual Function; Everywhere; Almost all the Time (15 or less); Daily; No Authority; Somewhat Reliable) [1]

Minor Mafia Enforcer: A minor soldier of the local Mafia who isn't involved in decision making but trusted enough to get an audience with the boss. He often fails but might be able to pull it off in 1d days. This is suitable for modern campaigns. Contact (Vittorio Gassman - Minor Mafia Enforcer 9; Department; Fairly Often (9 or less); Everywhere; Weekly; Confidential; Usually Reliable) [3]

Occult Librarian: A bookworm who collects the lost books about Hidden Lore, Occultism, Thaumatology etc. He has several copies of the Necromonicom. This is suitable for horror or fantasy campaigns. Contact (Lawrence Sutin - Occult Librarian 18; Department; Quite Often (12 or less); Minor Area (Holywell); Confidential; Somewhat Reliable) [6]

Old Brothers in Arms: Members of your demobilised army unit who've settled across the country. They'll give you a bed and local knowledge.Contact (Old Brothers in Arms 12; Dual Function (Shelter and Area Knowledge); Found Occasionally (8 or less); Almost all the time (15 or less); Open Secret; Usually Reliable) [2]

Professor of Science: A super genius professor of science and his assistants who can analyze any substance or explain any weird phenemona. Has his own research laboratory and smoking pipe. Suitable for superhero campaigns.Contact (Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth - Professor of Science 21; Department; Dominant Area (Home City); Almost all the time (15 or less); Minor Authority; Usually Reliable) [48]

Relic Dealer: Rumours and insider knowledge about the valuable relic and antique market, some of which is illegal. This is suitable for police procedurals. Contact (Pip Vaughan-Hughes - Relic Dealer 12; Single Function; Everywhere; Fairly Often (9 or less); Open Secret; Usually Reliable) [1]

Safe House: A trusted friend in an obscure village that don't like man hunters. You'll need a car to get there. Contact (Karin Powell - Safe House 15; Single Function; Minor Area (East Harptree); Almost all the time (15 or less); Full Authority; Completely Reliable) [4]

Street Contact: Inside information of the local underworld. Contact (Streetwise 12; Single Function; Fairly Often (9 or less); Everywhere; Confidential; Somewhat Reliable) [1]

The Lads: A very large, motley collection of old school friends, work colleagues and drinking buddies who are blue collar workers. They can loan construction machinery, repair common devices, provide technical advice or simply look menacing. If nobody can provide what you want, maybe someone else with a different job can help in a different way. Contact (Blue Collar Workers 9; Institution; Everywhere; Constantly (no roll); Unlimited Use; Minor Authority; Somewhat Reliable) [30]

The US President: You can 'phone the most powerful man in the world as long you've got something to offer. Direct Line (The US President 15; Anything; Everywhere; Quite Often (12 or less); Monthly; Top Secret; Somewhat Reliable) [67]

Underworld Barmen: Unrelated barmen scattered across most of the country that listen to local, underworld rumours and your drunken stories of your strained, long distance marriage. Suitable for campaigns with frequent travel. Contact (Underworld Barmen 12; Single Function (Streetwise); Found Frequently (12 or less); Almost all the time (15 or less); Open Secret; Somewhat Reliable) [2]

US Ambassador to Israel: The US diplomat to Israel who is welcomed throughout but he can't always deliver. Like all diplomats, he is only interested in what you can offer him. Direct Line (James B. Cunningham - US Ambassador to Israel 12; Anything; Minor Area (Israel); Quite Often (12 or less); Top Secret; Somewhat Reliable) [4]

Xeno-cultural Advisors: A 'phone list of various academics and travellers who can describe a foreign civilizations's culture, politics, important places etc. This is suitable for space operas. Contact (Xeno-cultural Advisors 15; Department; Everywhere; Almost all the time (15 or less); Public Info; Somewhat Reliable) [8]

HR2.6 Cultural Intuition

15 points

You have seen such a variety of cultures or subcultures that you can see familiar aspects even in alien races and the rest you manage to work out as you go along. You do not suffer the -3 "cultural unfamiliarity" with other cultures of your race and only suffer a -1 penalty with alien cultures. In addition, it only costs you 1 point to learn an alien culture (B23). Finally, you can make IQ rolls to guess what would be normally known by those familiar with the culture, such as a person's Status or what colour means danger. This is a cinematic ability and includes Cultural Adaptability; do not take both.

HR2.7 Direct Line

This is a synonym for Contact with the Direct Line option (HR2.5).

HR2.8 Fashion Sense - B21

Costs 10 points as reaction modifiers have greater effect. See HR 7.1.

HR2.9 High Manual Dexterity - B59

The bonus can apply to non-DX rolls that require a delicate touch or fine work.

HR2.10 High TL Expat

Your personal TL is above that of the campaign world but you can purchase little or no equipment of your superior TL and some of your skills suffer TL penalties when dealing with the 'obsolete' equipment of the campaign world. This is subject to GM approval and replaces High TL.

Skills without tools: You cannot buy nor access any useful equipment of your personal TL and you have at least 5 skills of a TL too high for the campaign world. -5 points per TL above campaign TL.

Skills with few tools: You can buy or access only one or two items equipment of your personal TL, costing no more than 1% of your campaign starting wealth in total, and you have at least 5 skills of a TL too high for the campaign world. 0 points.

Few tools: You can buy only one or two items equipment of your personal TL, costing no more than 1% of campaign starting wealth in total, and you have less than 5 skills of a TL too high for the campaign world. 3 points per TL above campaign TL.

HR2.11 HUD Training

Certain, high tech, sensing devices integrate with helmet, glasses or contact lenses and project an image onto a HUD (Head Up Display) (see UT24). For particular devices, the information can be difficult to interpret quickly. Each version of this advantages means you are trained to use a such devices effectively. You barely notice the HUD anymore as you instinctively map the image into your perception. You act as if the sensors were somehow part of you. There are 2 versions.

360° Vision: High tech helmets and headpieces can project a panoramic view. To the untrained, the laterally compressed HUD image makes it difficult to judge size or direction and such characters typically suffer the -5 rearward Vision rolls of 5 levels of the Poor Rear Vision limitation (see House Rules). You do not. 5 points.

Laser Sensors: High tech laser sensors, sewn into clothing or integrated into armour, can warn any character that a laser sight is aimed at him. The untrained can gain +1 Dodge against the attack only if they can see the red dot (see B412). You receive +2 Dodge all the time, even if shot from behind. Anyone making an IQ or Soldier roll will notice your uncanny dodging and can switch off their laser sighting (losing their +1 attack bonus as well).10 points.

HR2.12 Invisibility - B63

Special Limitations

Someone Else's Problem: You are invisible because people subconsciously filter you out as unimportant or someone else's problem. This fails if you cause trouble or do something of concern, such as pointing a gun, shutting down the central mainframe or remain in an off-limits area. However, your sudden re-appearance is likely to surprise people (B393). Only applies with the Glamour limitation (P111). -20%.

HR2.13 Mind Control - B69

Special Limitations

Fast Talk: You can only issue commands that seem reasonable at face value. If the command isn't quite something he'd consider reasonable, he may do something else similar. Any attempt to suggest a command that is plainly stupid, pointless, suicidal or against the subject's nature fails. This is mutually exclusive with Conditioning Only, Emotion Control and Suggestion (P61). -60%.

HR2.14 Preferred Supplier

This is a synonym for Contact with the Preferred Supplier option (HR2.5).

HR2.15 Reputation - B26

Costs ±10 points per ±1 reaction as reaction modifiers have greater effect. See HR 7.1.

HR2.16 Signature Gear - B85

Instead of providing additional equipment, this advantage provides cinematic protection to equipment, even multiple items, bought under normal Wealth rules. This protection also includes opportunities to repair wrecked gear. The cost is 1 point per cost per 5% of starting Wealth used to buy the gear.

HR2.17 Social Chameleon - B86

Costs 10 points as reaction modifiers have greater effect. See HR 7.1.

HR2.18 Social Regard - B86

Costs 10 points per +1 reaction as reaction modifiers have greater effect. See HR 7.1.

For multi-cultural campaigns where a culture doesn't recognise a social regard, apply the People Affected modifers (see HR1.2).

Pacifist: Others trust you because your altruism is genuine and people like you resolve bitter feuds without agenda and help those forgotten by bureaucracy or ignored by others. People regard you as an exemplar of unselfishness and refrain from violent or greedy behaviour in your presence. Even Mafia thugs start being nice. You must have either the Pacifism (Self-Defense Only) or Pacifism (Total Nonviolence) disadvantage (see B148), and the Selfless disadvantage (see B153). Examples: housewives, monks, nuns and priests.

HR2.19 Special Dealer

This is a synonym for Contact with the Special Dealer option (HR2.5).

HR2.20 Talent - B89

A skill affected by a Talent may be stated with a condition in brackets. For such skills:-

Examples of Talents

3D: Most people envisage direction in relation to a surface but your perception is free. Skills: Aerobatics, Aquabatics, Free Fall, Navigation (Air, Space or Hyperspace), Piloting, Tactics (Air, Space or Hyperspace). Reaction Bonus: spaceship captains and zero-g athletes. 5 points/level.

Anarchist: Nobody can counter your style or techniques because you're too chaotic to have one, you nutter! Skills: Brawling, Driving (ramming and evasion only), Fast-Talk, Guns (unaimed only), Knife, Piloting (ramming and evasion only) and Wrestling. Reaction bonus: rebels without a cause, violent sociopaths and Tank Girl fans. 5 points/level.

Animal Friend: You can think at the instinctive level and see a non-intelligent being's world from its perspective. Skills: Animal Handling, Falconry, Packing, Riding, Teamster and Veterinary. Reaction bonus: all animals. 5 points/level.

Animal Instincts: Civilization has long since buried mankind's pre-historic instincts except, it seems, in you. Skills: Climbing, Intimidation, Jumping, Running, Sex Appeal, Stealth, Survival, Swimming, Tracking and Weather Sense. Reaction bonus: naturists, uplifted animals and pre-historic men. 10 points/level.

Blackguard: You see the dark desires that few people even admit to themselves. Just stay away from me. Skills: Body Language (violence and perversions only), Criminology (violent sociopaths and perverts only), Detect Lies (violence and perversions only), Interrogation (violence and perversions only), Intimidation, Leadership (undisciplined mob only), Performance (incitement to hatred only), Propaganda (incitement to hatred only), Psychology (violent sociopaths and perverts only), Public Speaking (incitement to hatred only), Sex Appeal (perverted subjects only). Reaction bonus: fascist demagogues, violent sociopaths and filthy hedonists. 5 points/level.

Blagger: You know how far 'benefit of the doubt' can be pushed. Skills: Acting, Fast Talk, Gambling, Intimidation, Merchant and Panhandling. Reaction Bonus: anyone who doesn't know you. 5 points/level.

Child Empathy: When people grow up, they no longer understand a child's perspective but you haven't forgotten. Skills: Acting, Body Language, Detect Lies, Diplomacy, Fast Talk, Interrogation, Intimidation, Performance, Psychology and Teaching (children only in all cases). Reaction bonus: children and their stressed parents. 5 points/level.

Close Combat: Constantly shifting between fancy footwork, pushing, opportune jabs, power strikes and low tricks, people wonder how you keep up with yourself, not that the other guy can't. Skills: Brawling, Fast Draw(knife, tonfa and shortsword), Garotte, Knife, Shortsword, Tonfa and Wrestling. Reaction bonus: veteran grunts. 10 points/level.

Complete [censored]: One half of you has a deep, Freudian need to focus on ways of hurting people. Whereas the other half just enjoys focusing on ways to hurt people. Skill: Acting (lying to cause panic, fear or despair only), Brainwashing, Fast Talk (causing panic, fear or despair only), Interrogation, Intimidation, Judo (locks and pins only), Propaganda (inciting panic, fear or despair only), Public Speaking (causing panic, fear or despair only), Wrestling (locks and pins only). Reaction bonus: torturers, callous sadists and other, complete [censored]. 5 points/level.

Criminal Thinking: Your obsession with criminals, terrorists and the unhinged provides strange insight but it probably isn't healthy. Skills: Criminology, Detect Lies, Intelligence Analysis (criminals and madmen only), Interrogation, Intimidation (criminals and madmen only), Psychology (criminals and madmen only), Search and Streetwise. Reaction bonus: detectives and psychologists. 5 points/level

Crisis Manager: All manner of **** happens and you work out every way that **** can happen and how to deal with it. Skills: Administration (crisis management only), Crewman (safety and damage control only), Diplomacy (negotiating in a crisis only), Finance (market downturns only), Hazardous Materials, Navigation (dangerous conditions only), Piloting (hazardous situations only), Politics (surviving a crisis only), Soldier (when it's gone fubar only) and Tactics. Reaction bonus: middle managers, veteran soldiers and veteran pilots. 5 points/level.

Data Processor: In an age of information overload, you can search, track and locate the gems at breathtaking speed. Skills: Accounting, Administration, Criminology, Economics, Intelligence Analysis, Law, Market Analysis, Mathematics (Statistics), Research, Sociology. Speed Reading. Reaction bonus: researchers, sentient computers and statisticians.. 10 points/level.

Devious Wrecker: Your sly and underhanded perspective of machines is too bizarre for other engineers to second-guess. Skills: Armoury (sabotague and subversion only), Computer Operations (hacking only), Electrician (sabotague and subversion only), Electronic Operations (Electronic Warfare), Electronic Operations (Security), Electronics Repair (sabotague and subversion only), Explosives (traps and disarming only), Mechanic (sabotague and subversion only) and Traps. Reaction bonus: sabouteurs, burglars and Luddites. 5 points/level

Don't Mind Me: When you don't want people to notice you, you appear unimportant. Skills: Disguise, Filch, Observation, Pickpocket, Shadowing and Stealth. Reaction Bonus: thieves and investigators. 5 points/level.

Encyclopaedic: You absorb huge amounts of trivia and, more importantly, can spot relationships between facts. Skills: Area Knowledge, Conoisseur, Current Affairs, Expert Skill, Geography, History, Intelligence Analysis, Literature, Research and Theology. Reaction bonus: trivia fans. 10 points/level.

EQ: Call it Emotional Quotient, female intuition or empathy, you understand people you meet. Skills: Body Language, Detect Lies, Diplomacy, Fast-Talk, Fortune-Telling, Sex Appeal and Teaching. Reaction bonus: those you've helped. 5 points/level.

Fancy Footwork: In melee, no matter what weapon is used, out maneuvering your opponent always gives you an edge. Skills: Axe/Mace, Brawling, Broadsword, Flail, Force Sword, Force Whip, Jitte/Sai, Judo, Karate, Knife, Kusari, Main-Gauche, Monowire Whip, Polearm, Rapier, Saber, Shortsword, Smallsword, Spear, Staff, Sumo Wrestling, Tonfa, Two-Handed Axe/Mace, Two-Handed Flail, Two-Handed Sword, Whip and Wrestling. Reaction Bonus: martial artists and pre-gunpowder soldiers. 15 points/level.

Fashion Guru: Dedicated follower of fashion? You see it before it's fashion. Skills: Artist, Connoisseur, Cooking, Current Affairs (High Culture and Popular Culture), Merchant (fashion items only), Propaganda and Sewing (design only). Reaction Bonus: fashionistas and followers of fashion. 5 points/level.

Fault Finder: You look for the subtle glitches whose pattern reveals the root cause. Skills: Administration (fixing procedures only), Armoury (complex and ultra-tech only), Beam Weapons (clearing malfunctions only), Computer Operation (fault finding only), Computer Programming (debugging only), Electrician, Electronics Repair, Guns (clearing malfunctions only) and Mechanic. Reaction Bonus: technicians and owners of decrepit machines. 5 points/level.

Gizmo Freak: You love to play with machines, big and small. Skills: Computer Operations, Driving, Electronics Operation, Photography and Piloting. Reaction Bonus: other gizmo freaks. 5 points/level.

Gifted Artist: Also adds to Cooking skill.

Graceful: Movement that is as smooth as it is beautiful. Skills: Acrobatics, Dancing, Erotic Art, Sex Appeal, Stage Combat and Stealth. Reaction Bonus: Acrobats, ballet dancers, show girls and other performance artists. 5 points/level.

Healer: You advocate the holistic approach as you see the subtle and complex relationships between mind, body, soul and biochemistry. Skills: Diagnosis, Esoteric Medicine, First Aid, Pharmacy, Physician, Physiology, Psychology, Surgery and Veterinary. Reaction bonus: patients, both past and present. 10 points/level.

Life Sciences: Living systems are notoriously difficult to model yet you can do it in your head. Skills: Bioengineering, Biology, Diagnosis, Physiology, Psychology, Sociology. Reaction bonus: Bioengineers, doctors, ecologists and psychologists. 5 points/level.

Logician: Few people can construct long chains of reasoning. Skills: Computer Programming, Law, Linguistics, Mathematics, Philosophy and Theology. Reaction bonus: ideologues, debators, mathematicians and computer programmers. 5 points/level.

Marksman: How did you guess he'd move there? Skills: Beam Weapons, Bow, Crossbow, Gunnar, Guns, Liquid Projector, Sling, Spear Thrower, Throwing, and Thrown Weapons. Reaction bonus: veteran grunts. 10 points/level.

Master Planner: You have an uncanny knack for seeing which slow plans will succeed and making sure they pay off at the right time. Skills: Administration, Diplomacy, Finance, Games, Politics, Strategy. Reaction bonus: Generals, senior civil servants and elder statesmen. 5 points/level.

Mob Instincts: You understand the stupid and irrational mob. Skills: Anthropology, Economics, Intimidation (Group Intimidation only), Leadership (undisciplined mobs only), Market Analysis, Merchant (fads only), Politics, Propaganda, Public Speaking and Sociology. Reaction bonus: economists, propagandists and politicians. 10 points/level.

Natural Leader: People work for organisations for their own, various reasons and you grasp how to appeal to them. Skills: Administration, Leadership, Politics, Public Speaking, Shiphandling, Teaching. Reaction Bonus:your subordinates (members of your squad, your secretary, apprentices etc). 5 points/level.

One Step Ahead: When the fighting breaks out, you're one step ahead of the enemy. Skills: Area Knowledge (tactical and evasive routes only), Driving (dogfighting and combat manoeuvring only), Navigation (tactical and evasive routes only), Piloting (dogfighting and combat manoeuvring only), Sports, Tactics and Urban Survival (evasion only). Reaction Bonus: Soldiers, sportsmen and combat pilots. 5 points/level.

Opinion Former: Whether the critics call it lowest common denominator or understanding the collective consciousness, your work touches a very broad range of people. Skills: Artist, Musical Composition, Musical Instrument, Performance, Poetry, Politics, Propaganda, Public Speaking, Sociology and Writing. Reaction Bonus: Artists, stage performers, orators and politicians. 10 points/level.

People Watcher: You can see past what people think they want and see what they really want. Skills: Body Language, Criminology, Detect Lies, Diplomacy, Observation, and Psychology. Reaction bonus: psychologists, psychiatrists and criminal profilers. 5 points/level.

Perfect Timing: The timing of a joke, retort or profound phrase cannot be explained, yet you know it. Skills: Carousing, Intimidation, Performance, Public Speaking, Saviour-Faire, Sex Appeal. Reaction bonus: actors, comedians, orators, presenters and other stage artists. 5 points/level.

Practical Theorist: You can see how to make the hard, abstract theories work for you in a practical way. Skills: Bioengineering, Chemistry, Computer Programming, Engineer, Mathematics (Applied and Computer Science), Metallurgy, Physics, Psychology and Weird Science. Reaction Bonus: Engineers, inventors and applied research scientists. 10 points/level.

Red Tape Dispenser: Your greatest love is the three Rs -- rules, regulations, and research -- the grease that truly keeps the world turning. Skills: Accounting, Administration, Heraldry, Law, Research, Savoir-Faire. Reaction Bonus: bureaucrats, rules lawyers, and compulsively anal types. 5 points/level

Resourceful: You squeeze more out of less. Skills: Administration, Electronics Repair, Engineer, Mechanic, Scrounging, Tactics. Reaction Bonus: underfunded administrators, grunts and technicians. 5 points/level

Scientist: No matter the temptation to jump to conclusions, you follow the scientific process of observe, theorise, experiment and explain. Skills: Anthropology, Bioengineering, Biology, Chemistry, Criminology, Diagnosis, Forensics, Geology, Metallurgy, Meteorology, Paleontology, Pharmacy, Physics, Physiology, Psychology, Sociology and Veterinary (analysis and explanation only in all cases). Reaction Bonus: scientists. 10 points/level.

Sly: You disguise those unavoidable, giveaway signs look like natural occurrences or variation. Skills: Acting, Camouflage, Counterfeiting, Disguise, Fast Talk, Filch, Forgery, Holdout, Pick Pocket, Sleight of Hand, Smuggling and Stealth. Reaction bonus: con artists, pick pockets, spies and other rogues. 10 points/level.

Smooth Operator: You understand how the baser desires really affect a person's decision making; Skills: Acting, Carousing, Detect Lies, Diplomacy, Fast-Talk, Intimidation, Leadership, Panhandling, Politics, Public Speaking, Saviour-Faire, Sex Appeal and Streetwise. Reaction bonus: con artists, politicians, salesman, etc. - but only if you aren't trying to manipulate them. 15 points/level.

Space Cadet: What you understand is so mind-meltingly bizarre that people think you're on acid. Skills: Computer Programming, Mathematics, Navigation(Hyperspace), Physics, Thaumatology, Weird Science. Reaction bonus: mathematicians, physicists and maverick researchers. 5 points/level.

Speed Freak: Your perception seems to be wired for scenery moving at 100mph. Skills: Driving, Parachuting, Pilot, Riding, Skiing, Teamster. Reaction bonus: drivers and pilots. 5 points/level.

Systems Engineer: Most technicians learn techniques but never truly understand. You comprehend the big picture as well as the detail. Skills: Armoury (complex and ultra-tech only), Computer Operations, Electrician, Electronics Repair, Engineer, Mechanic. Reaction Bonus: technicians and those that depend on the machines you maintain. 5 points/level.

System Subverter: Every time a loophole or procedural flaw is closed, you see how another one is opened through overwork, undertraining, underfunding or just plain laziness. Skills: Accounting (fraud and money laundering only), Administration (abuse and loopholes only), Computer Operations (hacking only), Electronic Operations (Security), Forgery, Law (abuse and loopholes only) and Traps. Reaction Bonus: anarchists and forgers. 5 points/level.

Tussler: You get in close and fight furiously till the other guy makes a mistake. Skills: Boxing, Brawling, Driving (dogfighting only), Interrogation, Intimidation, Judo, Karate, Knife, Piloting (dogfighting only), Sports, Tactics, Wrestling. Reaction bonus: street fighters and combat pilots. 10 points/level.

HR2.21 Voice - B97

Costs 20 points as the +2 reaction modifier has greater effect. See HR 7.1. The reaction modifier replaces the listed skill bonuses except for Mimicry and Singing, which still receive a +2 bonus.

The +2 reaction modifer modifies Influence Rolls (B351) as normal except Intimidation. A player can add his +2 modifier to his Diplomacy, Fast-Talk, Public Speaking, Savoir-Faire, Sex Appeal, Singing or Streetwise on his character sheet as a convenience.

HR2.22 Wealth - B25

Finer grades of Wealth are possible and count as one of the basic levels above (B25) but with more money. The full list of possible wealth levels, up to Multimillionaire 4, is shown below.

Name Points Cost Campaign Wealth Multiplier
Dead Broke -25 x0
Dead Broke + -20 x1/10
Poor -15 x1/5
Struggling -10 x1/2
Struggling + -5 x4/5
Average 0 x1
Average + 5 x1.5
Comfortable 10 x2
Comfortable x2 15 x4
Wealthy 20 x5
Wealthy x2 25 x10
Very Wealthy 30 x20
Very Wealthy x2 35 x40
Very Wealthy x3 40 x60
Very Wealthy x4 45 x80
Filthy Rich 50 x100
Filthy Rich x2 55 x200
Filthy Rich x4 60 x400
Filthy Rich x6 65 x600
Filthy Rich x8 70 x800
Multimillionaire 75 x1000
Multimillionaire x2 80 x2000
Multimillionaire x4 85 x4000
Multimillionaire x6 90 x6000
Multimillionaire x8 95 x8000
Multimillionaire 2 100 x10,000
Multimillionaire 2 x2 105 x20,000
Multimillionaire 2 x4 110 x40,000
Multimillionaire 2 x6 115 x60,000
Multimillionaire 2 x8 120 x80,000
Multimillionaire 3 125 x100,000
Multimillionaire 3 x2 130 x200,000
Multimillionaire 3 x4 135 x400,000
Multimillionaire 3 x6 140 x600,000
Multimillionaire 3 x8 145 x800,000
Multimillionaire 4 150 x1,000,000
Multimillionaire 4 x2 155 x2,000,000
Multimillionaire 4 x4 160 x4,000,000
Multimillionaire 4 x6 165 x6,000,000
Multimillionaire 4 x8 170 x8,000,000

HR2.22 Illusion - P94

Special Limitations

Mental 2: Instead of creating images that everyone can see, you project illusions into the mind of a specific person. You can affect anyone you can touch or see; the Ranged enhancement is unnecessary. Take a Concentrate maneuver and roll a Quick Contest; your IQ vs. the victim's Will. You're at -1 per person already affected. If you win, you alter the victim's mental processing of sensory perceptions to include subtle edits (e.g. making a $5 bill look like a $100 bill), objects and people that don't exist and hide objects and people that do exist behind a wall. These illusion must seem plausible. You can't make the victim think he's suddenly on Mars if teleportation does not exist. The illusions cannot physically affect him. Area Effect is irrelevent - it's all in his head. You don't control your victim's thoughts, however. An aspect of the illusion fails if the victim has reason to believe it is nonsense, such as touching an illusory object without touch illusion, being shot by someone hidden behind an illusory wall or a person climbing over an electric fence without protection. +80%.