GURPS 4 House Rules
Section 1 - Character Creation

HR1.1 Attributes and Characteristics - B14

HR1.2 People Affected - B27

This modifier, most commonly applied to Reputation, is based on the likelyhood of meeting the people who've heard of you, which depends on the desire to find them and their desire to find you as well as the group size. For example, Satanists are too rare to count in most campaigns but you might investigate them enough to make them Common in an occult mystery campaign. The modifiers are:-

HR1.3 Frequency of Recognition - B27

HR1.4 Racial Templates - B451

For easier bookkeeping, players creating a character from scratch should use racial attribute modifiers as guidelines rather than apply them. A character from a very strong race with ST 11 is weak compared to his brethren but stronger than a baseline human and, thus, pays 10 points. However, if the GM has created any campaign minimum and maximum attribute limits, the racial attribute modifiers adjust those, allowing more extreme values.

HR1.5 Optional Rule: Trait Importance

The GM may decide to make certain traits cheaper because they aren't as useful or used as much as others but doesn't want to remove them from a campaign. For example, Area Knowledge (Mars) isn't so useful if excursions to the Mars Colony are uncommon. Trait importance only affects character creation and has no effect on gameplay. The grades of importance and their cost multipliers are shown below. The cost multiplier is applied to the trait cost after any other cost modifiers and, unlike with other modifiers, the cost is not rounded. The final cost of Supporting and Peripheral traits can include ¼, ½ or ¾.