GURPS 4 House Rules
Section 11 - Technology

HR11.1 New Inventions - B473

The Trivial Complexity allows very simple but novel designs and could only require skill level 10 or better or could only build devices to cost $10 or less. Such Complexity applies -2 to the Concept roll, typically require 1d hours to build the prototype and $10,000 in facilities.

For computer programs, calculate the Construction Complexity, which is the intended program's numerical Complexity rating minus (TL-8)×2 (minimum 0). For cost and construction time calculations, use the following ratings: Constructed Complexity 0 as Trivial, Complexity 1-3 as Simple, 4-5 as Average, 6-7 as Complex, and 8+ as Amazing.

HR11.2 Passive Visual Sensors Configurations - UT60

360° Visor: This is a variation of Visor that wraps sensors all the way round the head. This grants 360° Vision (B34) with 5 levels of Poor Rear Vision (see HR2.1).