GURPS 4 Babylon 5
Character Creation: Important Skills

Character creation options that you'll need

These are the skills that are likely to be useful in the campaign. Those not bulleted as primary cost half.

Academic Skills

Ref Name Level Primary Notes
HR4.19 Biology+/TL IQ/H    
HR4.19 Chemistry+/TL IQ/H  
HR4.19 Earth Sciences+/TL IQ/H    
B193 Expert Skill (Computer Security, Conspiracy Theory, Military Science, Political Science, Psionics, Xenology) IQ/H  
B193 Expert Skill (Epidemiology) IQ/H    
HR4.19 Mathematics+/TL IQ/H    
HR4.19 Physics+/TL IQ/H    
HR4.19 Social Sciences+ IQ/H  
B222 Speed-Reading IQ/A  
B228 Weird Science IQ/VH    

Artistic Skills

Ref Name Level Primary Notes
B176 Architecture/TL IQ/A    
B185 Cooking IQ/A  
HR4.7 Dancing DX/A    
B210 Musical Composition IQ/H    
B211 Musical Instrument† IQ/H  
B212 Performance IQ/A This would normally be background but this make good defaults for Acting and Public Speaking.
B214 Poetry IQ/A  
B220 Singing HT/E  
B228 Ventriloquism IQ/H    
B228 Writing IQ/A    

Athletic Skills

Ref Name Level Primary Notes
B174 Acrobatics DX/H  
B183 Climbing DX/A  
B192 Escape DX/H  
B205 Lifting HT/A    
B218 Running HT/A  

Business and Wealth Skills

Ref Name Level Primary Notes
B174 Accounting IQ/A  
B174 Administration IQ/A  
B195 Finance IQ/H   Can be used to raise capital but you're primarily investigators.
B207 Market Analysis IQ/H  
B209 Merchant IQ/A  

Combat Skills

Ref Name Level Primary Notes
HR4.19 Artillery+/TL IQ/A    
HR4.5 Beam Weapons/TL (Automatic, Long Arm or Pistol) DX/E  
HR4.19 Blades+ DX/A  
HR4.19 Bludgeoning+ DX/A  
HR4.19 Bows+ DX/A    
B182 Boxing DX/A  
B182 Brawling DX/E  
HR4.19 Explosives+/TL IQ/A    
B194 Fast-Draw (Ammo, Long Arm or Pistol) DX/E  
HR4.19 Fast-Draw+ (Blades) DX/E  
HR4.19 Gunnar+/TL DX/E    
HR4.5 Guns/TL (Long Arm) DX/E Used for grenade launchers.
HR4.5 Guns/TL (Automatic or Pistol) DX/E   Mostly obsolete.
B203 Judo DX/H  
B203 Karate DX/H  
HR4.19 Liquid Projector+/TL DX/E    
HR4.19 Nets+ DX/A    
HR4.19 Polearms+ DX/A  
HR4.19 Shield+ DX/E    
HR4.19 Soldier+/TL IQ/A    
B223 Sumo Wrestling DX/A  
B223 Tactics IQ/H  
HR4.19 Throw Weapon+ DX/E  
HR4.19 Whips+ DX/A    
B228 Wrestling DX/A  

Cultural and Geographic Skills

Ref Name Level Primary Notes
B176 Area Knowledge (Babylon 5) IQ/E Counts as City level.
B176 Area Knowledge (Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Red Sector) IQ/E Each counts as Town level.
B185 Connoisseur (Cars, Clothes, Food, Literature, Music or Wine) IQ/A   These can impress people.
B186 Current Affairs/TL (Business, Headline News or Politics) IQ/E If you have this skill, you will receive clues about conspiracies in the news.
B186 Current Affairs/TL (High Culture, People, Popular Culture, Science and Technology, Sports or Travel) IQ/E   These provide few clues but might impress someone.
HR4.19 Geopolitics+ (Centauri, Human, Minbari or Narn) IQ/A  
HR4.19 Geopolitics+ (Abbai, Brakiri, Drazi, Gaim, Pak'ma'ra or Vree) IQ/A    
B199 Heraldry (Coat of Arms, Corporate Logos or Graffiti Tags) IQ/A    
HR4.19 Humanities+ (Centauri, Human, Minbari or Narn) IQ/H  
HR4.19 Humanities+ (Abbai, Brakiri, Drazi, Gaim, Pak'ma'ra or Vree) IQ/H    
B204 Law (International) IQ/H  
HR4.19 Law+ (Centauri, Human, Minbari or Narn) IQ/H  
HR4.19 Law+ (Abbai, Brakiri, Drazi, Gaim, Pak'ma'ra or Vree) IQ/H    

Exploration and Vehicle Skills

Ref Name Level Primary Notes
B183 Camouflage IQ/E    
B188 Driving (Automobile or Motorcycle) DX/A  
B197 Free Fall DX/A  
B211 Navigation/TL (Hyperspace or Space) IQ/A  
B211 Navigation/TL (Air, Land or Sea) IQ/A    
B212 Parachuting/TL DX/E    
HR4.15 Pilot (Aerospace or High-Performace Spacecraft) DX/A  
HR4.15 Pilot (Autogyro, Glider, Helicopter, Jump Jet, Light Airplane, Ultrahigh-Performance Spacecraft, Ultralight or Vertol) DX/A    
B219 Scuba/TL IQ/A    
B222 Spacer IQ/E  
B222 Strategy (Space) IQ/H    
B223 Survival+ (Aquatic or Land) Per/A   Only the Abbai can take the Aquatic version.
B226 Tracking Per/A  
B192 Vacc Suit/TL DX/A  

Investigative and Criminal Skills

Ref Name Level Primary Notes
B174 Acting IQ/A  
B181 Body Language Per/A  
B186 Criminology/TL IQ/A  
B187 Detect Lies Per/H  
B187 Disguise/TL† IQ/A  
B195 Filch DX/A  
B196 Forensics/TL IQ/H  
HR4.9 Forgery/TL IQ/H  
B197 Garrote DX/E  
B200 Holdout IQ/A  
B201 Intelligence Analysis/TL IQ/H  
B202 Interrogation IQ/A  
B205 Lip Reading Per/A  
HR4.12 Lockpicking/TL IQ/A  
B206 Makeup/TL IQ/E  
B211 Observation Per/A  
B213 Pickpocket DX/H  
B217 Research/TL IQ/A  
B219 Search Per/A  
B219 Shadowing IQ/A  
B221 Sleight of Hand DX/H  
B221 Smuggling IQ/A  
B222 Stealth DX/A  
B223 Streetwise IQ/A  
B226 Traps/TL IQ/A  

Medical Skills

Ref Name Level Primary Notes
B187 Diagnosis/TL IQ/H Can provide forensic clues.
B195 First Aid/TL IQ/E  
B201 Hypnotism IQ/H  
B213 Physician/TL IQ/H  
B223 Surgery/TL IQ/VH  
B228 Veterinary/TL IQ/H    

Miscellaneous Skills

Ref Name Level Primary Notes
HR4.4 Autohypnosis Will/H  
B180 Bicycling DX/E    
B196 Forced Entry DX/E  
B197 Gambling IQ/A  
B198 Gesture IQ/E  
B200 Hobby Skill DX/E or IQ/E    
B200 Housekeeping IQ/E  
B203 Knot-Tying DX/E    
HR4.13 Meditation Will/H  
B210 Mimicry (Speech) IQ/H  
B210 Mimicry (Animal Sounds or Bird Calls) IQ/H    
B210 Mind Block Will/A  
B213 Photography/TL IQ/A  
B218 Scrounging Per/E    
B219 Sewing/TL DX/E    
B228 Typing DX/E    
B228 Urban Survival Per/A  

Social Skills

Ref Name Level Primary Notes
B183 Carousing HT/E  
HR4.8 Diplomacy IQ/H  
B195 Fast-Talk IQ/A  
B202 Intimidation Will/A  
B204 Leadership IQ/A  
B216 Propaganda/TL IQ/A  
B216 Public Speaking IQ/A  
B218 Savoir-Faire (High Society, Mafia, Military or Police) IQ/E  
B219 Sex Appeal HT/A   Suffers -4 penalty with members of other species.
B223 Teaching IQ/A    

Technical Skills

Ref Name Level Primary Notes
HR4.19 Armoury+/TL IQ/A  
HR4.19 Bioengineering+/TL IQ/H  
B184 Computer Operation/TL IQ/E  
B186 Cryptography/TL IQ/E  
B189 Electronics Operation/TL (Communications, Electronic Warfare, Media, Medical, Scientific, Security, Sensors or Surveillance) IQ/A  
B189 Electronics Operation/TL (Psychotronics) IQ/A    
HR4.19 Electronics Repair+/TL (IT or Sensors) IQ/A  
HR4.19 Electronics Repair+/TL (Superscience) IQ/A    
HR4.19 Engineer+/TL (Electronic) IQ/H  
HR4.19 Engineer+/TL (Construction or Mechnical) IQ/H    
HR4.19 Hazardous Materials+/TL IQ/A    
B206 Machinist/TL IQ/A    
HR4.19 Mechanic+/TL (Aerospace Vehicles, Ground Vehicles or Machinery) IQ/A