GURPS 4 Babylon 5
Campaign: Introduction

The direction of the game

All players should start with a character concept and character creation should be consistent within the concept. As Babylon 5 is just modern life in space and people in 'rubber suits', this shouldn't be difficult. A complete life history is not necessary, so plenty of things can be waived as a brief conscription in the army, a hobby that is no longer practised or learned from friends.

Some example character types:

Soldier. Marines and groundpounders who are dangerous in a fight. Good DX and HT are vital. ST may not seem important with firearms but civilized areas don't permit weapons and unarmed combat prevents legal problems. All manner of secondary attributes, such as Hit Points, Fatigue Points, Will, Perception and Basic Speed are useful. Useful advantages include Combat Reflexes, High Pain Threshold and HUD Training. Weapons and unarmed combat skills are essential, including heavy weapons for excursions on unoccupied planets. Consider other skills such as Drive, Explosive, Leadership, Soldier or Tactics.

Engineer. Engineers, inventors or technicians, who can fix vehicles, subvert security systems or build traps. High IQ and the Talents of Artificer, Devious Wrecker, Mathematical Ability, Systems Engineer or System Subverter are a must. Numerous skills could include Armoury (Small Arms), Computer Operation, Electronics Operation (Communications), Electronics Repair (Computers) and Mechanic (Small Spaceship). Electronics Operation (Security), Electronics Operation (Surveillance), Lockpicking and Traps aren't taught in college and show you're a real tech head.

Fixer. Someone who can obtain restricted items or information and knows someone who knows something you need and their direct, video 'phone number. Contacts, Special Dealers and Direct Lines are key, along with the Streetwise skill. Diplomacy and Saviour Faire for persuading the casual acquaitances with Area Knowledge and Current Affairs for what's likely to sweeten the deal.


Forensic Scientist. A pathologist or crime scene investigator who can find and analyse physical evidence. High IQ, high Per, Talent (Scientist) and Forensics are essential. Bioengineering, Chemistry, Diagnosis, Electronic Operations (Scientific), Metallurgy, Physics and Research are common. A police Contact with Confidential authority will grant access to DNA and fingerprint archives.