GURPS 4 Babylon 5
Books: Ultra-tech

Adjustments to GURPS 4e Ultra-tech

Game Design

Most of the TL9 equipment in Ultra-tech can be used but armour stats were hacked to copy the television series and make PPGs the weapon of choice. Many technologies were removed or rendered unusable to maintain the game focus on people and agendas, not cool technology.

Core Technologies (TL9)

Communications, Sensors and Media (TL9)

Housing, Tools, and Survival Gear (TL9)

Covert Ops and Security (TL9)

Weaponry (TL9)

Ballistic guns are rendered obsolete by better Reflex armour.

PPG weapons are invented with the sames stats as TL 9 pistols, SMGs, rifles, light machine guns and mounted machine guns but burning damage type instead of piercing, armour divisor (2), half the range, 2 less ST requirement and recoil 1.

Defenses (TL9)

The higher DR value of Reflex armour uses the listed, Nanoweave equivalent and also protects against PPGs but not cutting. This renders most guns obsolete and makes PPGs roughly as effective as guns with armour piercing in normal TL9.

Medical and Biotech (TL9)

Vehicles (TL9)