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The kind of library found in other, modern languages

Delphi Collections is the kind of library that exists in other OO languages but is strangely missing from Delphi: a library of standard collection types. The standard types are: bag (aka multiset), list (aka vector), map (aka dictionary) and set, with integer map and string maps as additional types in this library. All collections have garbage collection - another feature common in other languages. Delphi Collections is the library that Borland should have written.

Delphi Collections is a kit to compile run-time Delphi 5 and Delphi 7 packages of collection classes, complete with source code, help files, test harness and some documentation. It has only been tested in Delphi 5 and 7 Professional. It only uses standard RTL classes, so it should be compatible with Standard, Enterprise and Delphi 6 versions but this has not been verified. There is no design-time package because it does not provide components.

It is published under the Library (or Lesser) GNU Public Licence v2.1, meaning it is free and you can change the source code..

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2005-03-14 Maintenance release v1.0.5 - bug fix for sorted lists and functional tests checks unsorted and sorted lists.
2004-10-14 Maintenance release v1.0.4 - memory leak fixed.
2004-06-12 Maintenance release v1.0.3 - memory leak fixed, memory leak test, new Capacity property.
2004-02-13 Maintenance release v1.0.2 - expanded introduction and quick start sections in help file.
2003-10-25 Maintenance release v1.0.1 - packages and test harness no longer list unused packages.

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