Steel Viper Elemental/R&D 3

Author: Matthew Greet
Affiliation: Clan Steel Viper

Command Cards: 32
     Heat of Battle (x3)
     Perigard Zalman
     Repair Facility
     Steel Viper R&D Team (x4)
     Support: Assembly (x7)
     Support: Logistics (x6)
     Support: Tactics (x6)
     War Funds (x4)
BattleMech Cards: 14
     Dasher Prime Fire Moth (x3)
     Gladiator Prime Executioner (x2)
     Hankyu Prime (x6)
     Vulture C Mad Dog (x3)
Mission Cards: 4
     Forged Mission Orders (x2)
     Taking the Hit (x2)
Battle Armor Cards: 10
     Berserk Elemental Point (x2)
     Blitzkrieg Elemental Point (x4)
     Covert Elemental Armor (x2)
     Skirmisher Elemental Point (x2)
        This is a tournament level deck and hits full speed at 6 resources and a Steel Viper R&D team by drawing and deploying 3 cards per turn. The 3 asset requirement and cost of the R&D results in a slower buildup. Use Hanku Primes with Elementals to attack the stockpile and use Dashers with an Elemental to attack resources.Build an R&D team as early as possible, even at the expense of the front line as the extra card and deploy will allow you to quickly overtake.Weaknesses:Rocky Gorge - concentrate on resources instead
        Sideboard: 2 Heavy Woods 2 Overrun 2 Point Defence System 2 Heavy Fog

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