Davion C3-Pilot

Author: Matthew Greet
Affiliation: House Davion

Command Cards: 32
     Black Market Connections
     Heat of Battle
     Heavy Woods
     Kai Allard-Liao
     Kai, Champion of Solaris
     Morgan Kell
     Prince Victor Steiner-Davion
     Repair Facility
     Solaris Contacts (x2)
     Support: Assembly (x9)
     Support: Tactics (x9)
     Victor Steiner-Davion
     War Funds (x2)
BattleMech Cards: 24
     Berserker Revised BRZ-A3
     Blackjack BJ2-0B (x6)
     Cyclops CP 11-C (x2)
     Firestarter FS9-OD (x6)
     Owens OW-1 (x4)
     Spartan SPT-N2
     Spector SPR-5F (x3)
     Zeus ZEU-9S
Mission Cards: 4
     Final Push
     Force of Will
     Overrun (x2)
        This is a tournament level deck and hits full speed at 6 resources. Naturally, 'Mechs should attack in C3 groups, preferably with a Firestarter for ECM protection. Spectors may be used at a push. Kai and Victor enhance the crushing power of C3.The Spectors have the dual role of defense and Owens escort. The other non-C3 'mechs are for Morgan Kell.Weakness:Forged Mission Orders - use C3 'mechs to attack. Alternatively, use Heavy Fog.Pilot death - few of the 'mechs are heavy or assault, Kai and Victor will be targetted.
        Sideboard: Fog Shrouded Moors x2 Heavy Fog x3 Overrun x1 Heat of Battle Final Push

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