Big 'Mech

Author: Matthew Greet
Affiliation: Clan Wolf

Command Cards: 36
     Advanced Manufacturing Techniques (x3)
     Backing of the Grand Council (x3)
     Blockade (x2)
     Improved Construction Facilities (x4)
     Merchant Caste (x3)
     Orbital Bombardment (x2)
     Support: Assembly (x5)
     Support: Logistics
     Support: Munitions (x2)
     Support: Tactics (x5)
     Ulric Kerensky
     Vlad of the Wards
     War Funds (x4)
BattleMech Cards: 20
     Black Hawk Prime Nova (x2)
     Daishi Prime Dire Wolf
     Fenris B Ice Ferret (x2)
     Fenris D Ice Ferret (x2)
     Gladiator Prime Executioner (x2)
     Grendel Prime
     Koshi B Mist Lynx
     Linebacker B (x2)
     Mad Cat B Timber Wolf (x2)
     Mad Cat Prime Timber Wolf
     Shadow Cat Prime (x2)
     Widowmaker Dire Wolf
Mission Cards: 4
     Bait and Switch
     No Quarter

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